The crystal dome on top

[typography font=»Quattrocento Sans» size=»1.1″ size_format=»em» color=»#4A4A4A»]The higher you come the better view![/typography]

[typography font=»Quattrocento Sans» size=»1.3″ size_format=»em» color=»#4A4A4A»]The crystal dome is an interesting addition to Balestrand skyline[/typography]

[typography font=»Quattrocento Sans» size=»1.1″ size_format=»em» color=»#4A4A4A»]It started with a wild idea – like often by us. Today The golden house has been added a new dimension towards the sky: a crystal dome where there is room for reflexion and wide visions. A visit to the dome is the highlight of your tour through the house: A guided tour with historical side glimpses, histories of Balestrand with its artists …. and small surprises…..[/typography]


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