Ny start

Nye fjell og nye vidder

Stemorsting (1)Alltid på veg mot nye mål
Ei glede og ei utfordring på same tid
du har stadig nye ønskemål
nye vyer
alltid med håp om å lukkast
Gang på gang opplever eg
at linjer kjem litt i ulage
fargetonar fekk ein annan klang
at komposisjonen kunne ha vore
enda meir nøyaktig
… eg må le litt av meg sjølv
og smile litt….

Vi er då berre menneske
som faktisk er litt usymmetriske
Det einaste som tel
er å vere tru mot sitt indre
vere sannferdig i sin vandring i blomeenga
ha respekt for fjellet og dei vide viddene
… og erkjenne at himmelen ikkje alltid er blå….


The eleventh Day of Christmas

Oh, you sacred everyday…

I like ‘everydays’ teh best, from I was a child. On Sundays we were not allowed to use scissors…and me and my paper dolls..!!.I loved creating new dresses and then I needed to cut them out….! or make embroidery or knit….. And not at all use the sowing machine!…so all the wonderful pieces of left over fabric from my Mom’s…… Sundays started at 6 pm with ‘the children’s hour’ in the radio. Indoor activity on Sundays was reading and drawing. As long as ‘the Minister was on the pulpit’…. If it was not a ‘Church going’ Sunday, we sat in ‘the nice sitting room’ and listened to the Radio service at 11 am.  It felt nearly as in church, and in my imagination I saw the rose painted ceiling and the altar picture of the ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ painting….Some whiles my Dad played the organ for us. As a heritage from my early days I got the tones, and they have followed me till now. When I walk, melodies are sounding in my head and my steps goes to the rhythm of the melody….. Christmas carols suits every kind of weather, any time of the year… they are not limited to a certain time… they are timeless…. 

Find your tones
Link them together
to a melody

Then wander out
into the day
following the rhytm
of the song