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29. July 2014…

Welcome to Balestrand!

It is a great honour and joy to wish you welcome to the very first pilgimage in Balestrand. This idea was born 12 years back in time, so it is now become a teenager. On time to send the one out into the world! Will you join us? If your interest is caught, set the date in your agenda already now! To get new information and be updated…follow the ‘Pilgrimage news’ under the www.detgylnehus.no…..  Many pieces are to be organised… but so fare we are on the scedule!
Whom are a pilgrimage wanderer?… If we take a broad view of the matter; we are all of us pilgrims…life itself is a pilgrimage.  We have all… once in our lifetime… need of stopping…for one or two days, one or four weeks… and go in to the silent room. Such a room might be ‘nature’.
Our pilgrimage is going on in a very special sort of nature…. with connection to fjord, mountains and pieces of great historical and spiritual worths. It is like a complete oasis…. and we have tried to arrange oasises into the oases….in order to give your soul and mind and body a refill….. according to your needs….

20131027_124905Nature medicine
Nature is there
waiting for you
until you discover it
Nature comes
to a meeting with you

with all its fragrances and scents
Nature comes
with peace for your mind

harmony for your soul
There is blessing in every sigh
healing in every air movement
Is this what you call nature medicine?

[box type=»info» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Pilgrim. The word comes from ‘peregrino’ and referres to a person who is in foreign land… to be humble wandering with open senses and without predisposed attitude. You will be meeting with omeone… maybe… as well as meeting with yourself in a new way…[/box]

[box style=»rounded» border=»full»]More information is already available under our website …link to http://www.detgylnehus.no/en/pilgrimage-balestrand-project/[/box]

[toggle title_open=»Close Me» title_closed=»Open Me» hide=»yes» border=»yes» style=»default» excerpt_length=»0″ read_more_text=»Read More» read_less_text=»Read Less» include_excerpt_html=»no»]Ord til pilegrimen
Wander out!
You were born for wandering.
wander  out!
There is somebody you should meet.
Where? Whom?
You don’t know it yet –
maybe yourself?

Go out!
Your steps will be your words-
the path your song,
your tiredness your prayers –
and in the end – when all is past
your inner tranquility will speak to you.

Go out!
Alone or together with others –
but come out of your self!
You had rivals –
you will find friends and companions.
You met enemies –
you will find brothers and sisters.

Go out!
Your head don’t know
to where your feet will bring your heart.

Go out!
You were born for the road –
the road of the pilgrim.
Somebody will come to meet you –
search for you
so that you can find Him in all the Holy
at the end of the road –
in the deepest of your heart.
He is your peace!
He is your joy!

God is already wandering
together with you.

Translated byGunnar Siqveland to Norweagian
Translated from there to English by Bjørg Bjøberg

Over bridges and through gates

Bridges and gates are some quite special items…

So… now Jørgen and his men will make a  gate in the fence from the ‘outer’ ground to the area closer to the farm…. and a path the will lead the pilgrim to a silent while on the hill … There one can feel the connection with the past… with you oneself … and it is easier to listen to the voice of the soul inside…. Reflection  and meditation … and one might even find out something about the meaning of life….why we are here, just now…… under the honourable old oak…… and if you go into the open trunk, you can even see the sky….


Over bridges

and through gates
in unknown land
you need men’s courage
and women’s strength
to venture on to
and through
but you have to go
over and through
to reach
the land of tomorrow

Oh, you light in the forest…

‘Good and suitable weather’

Such read the parish clark as part of the prayer as an opening of every sunday service… I remember from my childhood church in Flå, Hallingdal. Now, these day we have had that suitable weather… for the ‘boys’ working with clearing the trace for the pilgrimage path. The picture above …. take it easy!.. Ingvar is not going to cut a single one of the honourable oak trees in the Målsnes forest. He will cut as little as possible. But it is important to clear the ground for the path to be nice and even, good for the foot to tread. … so, I’m afraid, some trees are in the way! But the forest have got plenty of the kind, and the property owners have given permission to cut where it is necessary. The pathway will be like an alley… Tall and slim fur trees in good mixture with lowgrowing birch or ore trees.. with some juniper bushes for extra scent. Scattered in between we meet hip roses with thorns… …Blackberries tastes good, but walking through those densly growing plants of that kind of an area is a challenge… the thorns hacks into your clothing… The way has to be cleared…..  Birds of many kind give concert to the Pilgrimage… mossy ground under the fur trees give good resound….


fill a space
only you can fill
have all
our places
in the big
is good
to know


[box type=»info» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Eik i kulturhistorien[rediger | rediger kilde] Mighty oak trees……Find information in this link:http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eikeslekten[/box]



So much is happening in our small hamlets

The Oak of a thousand years

The big pilgrimage destinations, such as Mekka, Jesusalem, Santiago de Compostela, Cavadonga, Iona….have got much in common concerning the wandering path itself… there are sculptures, crosses or other ‘marks’ at the roadsides. The pilgrimage path from the centre of Balestrand to Kvamsøy has got one item in particular; a natual sculpture: ‘The Målsnes oak’. She is unique, she is among the oldest trees in the whole Norway. 

‘The tree on the top of the mound’ has a special aim about itself. This tree was planted og growing wildly from a seed   b e f o r e   Norway had become one unit, a land with one king! The oak has been witness many a hard worksman… has seten travelling people from foreign countries passing by boats on the fjord. King Sigurd sailed to the battle i Frønningen in 1184 … and maybe he looked on to the young oak tree while praying for his country and its folk….. She has been a vitness to ‘all’ happenings going on here… has seen mark stones being put in to the ground… , children playing on the ground and climbing the branches… Its crown has been given shelter to grassing sheep and many a tired worker have sat down a while resting the back at the solid bole… even though ‘the wind caught the tree top’ and many a gust  has tried to break it… Tusenårseika at Målsnes is standing!

20131027_131837During our work with the project Pilegrimage Balestrand we have been dealing with really good property owners who willingly share some wonderful natur pearls with us all. We experienced it in Kvamsøy, as I have told in an earlier blog. Now we are meeting with the same sharing attitude; they see the value for people in Balestrand as well as our many visitors from abroad. …they have an eye for participating… and to ‘pull’ together, then ‘great deed can be achieved’… in modern language: it is a ‘vin-vin’ situaion….Soon  the pilgrimage path will be ready…. Oh what a day!


A great day!

4th February is a great day!

To make a pilgrimage path … that is really a huge task! W have got many staring days in this project of ours. Today is the start of the preparing of a new parcell of the pilgrimage path…… the one that is leading the wanderer on to the really old village road towards Kvamsøy….. that one  i s  there … ready to tread the foot to wander on. The ‘trefoil leaf’ Jørgen Hundseth, Ingvar Åberge and Arthur Adamson have now started on the path finding and creating. Jørgen and Ingvar went out some days ago in order to mark the trace, put red ribbons on branches. Today Ingvar and Arthur are out there with motor saw and machete. The path has to ‘join’ with the nature to be good for walking. The ground has to ‘fit with the boots’…. Small adjustments…. some stones are nice to tread on, while others you have to stay clear of. As little break into the nature as possible…… 
The forest is full of trees, all are beautiful and some quite special… We will name them ‘mark trees’ and make a little sitting area with benches… for resting and reflection….. Some trees are unique!.. One of the most special trees in this area is ‘The Oak of a Thousand Years’ About which I will write a special blog… This one is to tell that we are ‘on the go’…. much work is still to do….. but I tell you: There is much behind us, as well….

Soft tones
i meet you
in the morning dew

Catch a melody
to take with you
on the wandering
out into the day



[box type=»note» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Pilegrimsled is a hiking road, a path or a road that leads to a destination of special religious/christian character/ In the ‘Pilgrimage Balestrand’ the Kvamsøy island and the little medieval church is one of the goals. Look up the link: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilegrimsleden[/box]

Measuring land om Kvamsøy island

Great day for pilgrims! – 22nd November 2013

Everu possible and impossible official bodies have said ‘yes’ (or not said ‘no’) to us building a little chapel for the ‘Worry tree’ on a ground on the island Kvamsøy. Inger Johanne and Bjarne Hjartholm, the property owners have all the time been positive to the project, and have been willing to give land for the house. Balestrand municipality, including all involved parts of administrastion, have given good advises and support in every part of the process. What a community! In Balestrand it is possible to be an ideamaker and -developer. Our experience is that it is not only an official body but they are human beings! People with knowledge and competence, and most worthfull of all: sight for walking and viewing.

Some grey weather from the morning changed gradually as the outer limits of the land mas marked. When Åsmund Land surveyor  had drilled the iron mark bars  ‘the boundary stones’ into the rock – 5 in number -, og got them marked to the GPS, the November sun was shining. Bjarne brought us back to the mainland by his little rowing boat, and – as in school essays – we all agreed on ‘that it had been a great tour’. We all knew that this was a historical day.

(Click the picture to see the whole picture!)

[box type=»info» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Kvamsøy island

Kvamsøy in Balestrand, the county of Sogn og Fjordane, situated at the northern side of Sognefjorden; 147 km2.

On the island close to the inland, ca. 15 km south of Balestrand sentre, you’ll find Kvamsøy church from 1300. The new chursch from 1903 is about 5 km further out at the fjord. The narrow fjord ‘pond’ between the island and the mainlandis one of the best harbours in the Sognefjord area. and there are traces of moorings to where the ‘jekte’ could be fastened  (jekt: a boat with high, upright stem)



Pilgrimage to Tjuatoten

1098 meter over fjorden

Med fritt utsyn til sju kongerike står vi på platået der Tjuatoten er høgast. Eg har klatra til toppen før, men denne gongen er spesiell: Vi finn KROSSEN!
Vi fekk den finaste haustdagen vi kunne ønske oss, klår haustsol med varme er ikkje daglegdags. Tett granskog og lyse bjørkelier; blåbær, krekling og tilogmed tyttebær lenger opp mot høste kulen, sol og lette skyer. Sveitte og litt svimle ved eggen, der vi ser ned til Esefjorden på vestsida og Sværefjorden, Vetlefjorden og Fjærlandsfjorden langt nedunder på austsida.
Heile vegen oppigjennom med dette store spørsmålet inni meg: Finn vi krossen, denne gongen?

Hjartet banka fortare, det var ei djup stille mellom oss , i tillegg til fjellstilla; så, med eitt står eg to meter unna nokre steinar som ligg i ring! Vi nådde toppen, men den var ikkje målet, denne gongen. Krossen var målet og der låg det!

Pilegrimane ved målet i Santiago de Compostela kunne ikkje ha vore lukkelegare enn Arthur og eg var ved dette underet! No ynskjer vi at mange, mange – frå heile verda – skal få same opplevinga som vi. Men vinteren må vike og snøen vekk før pilegrimar kan gi seg ut på Tjuatotenvandringa og finne krossen!

Den nye dagen
lyser som ei sol
over andletet ditt
og du strålar attende
og lyser for dine medvandrarar